Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Spring Fever or Chick Fever?

I think I have both!  I am so ready for winter to be over.  We had such a mild winter here and then such hints of an early spring.  Seventy degrees one day and down to freezing and below temps within the week!  Crazy weather.  Even more than usual for us.  I'm sure my chickens are just not happy right now.  Though they are only down a few eggs a day, so grateful for that.

This is the time of year for chicks.  It is SOOOOOO hard to go to the local farm store and not walk away with armfuls of baby chicks!!  Especially when they are marking them down to seventy-five then fifty cents each!!!  Oh my. I have had self-control thus far.  Not sure how much longer I can hold out LOL!!

Seriously though.  The past six months or so have been such a season for us around our homestead.  The adoption that still isn't happening yet and just dragging on.  Sickness that finally hit and just won't get gone. Weather that can't make up its mind. Spring cleaning that needs done, but the weather won't cooperate with our schedules. Lots of craziness, yet so much to be grateful and thankful for.  We are blessed.  Everything in its own time.  God's word reminds us that there is a time and season for everything. 
To everything there is a season
A time for every purpose under heaven Ecc 3:1 NKJV

I have so intended to get this blog going on a steady, regular basis, but have really struggled.  I am once again going to try to commit to at LEAST one post a week if not three.  I really need to work on this.  Be watching for my newest review tomorrow.  We really enjoyed this one.  I also need to get going on the blog hops and what not again.  I so miss really interacting with everyone.  So my goal for this next week.  Get going!  Hope your day is blessed! 

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