Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Water Please!

The youngest group of chicks are growing up so fast and they are such characters!  Every night when I go to remove their water they come running out from under/around mama and demand to have one last drink.  Little stinkers!  It is so comical.  They are so big now they don't really fit "under" mom anymore.  They mostly just huddle around her and under her wings.  She has been so good to them.  I have really enjoyed this batch of chicks and am so sad that most of them seem to be cockerels.  I sure hope I am wrong.  I do know that the two Barred Rock mixes are both cockerels for sure.  Buddy and Dolly continue to be my best buddies.  I can't seem to keep Dolly off my back.  She is constantly trying to jump on me.  She's a sweetie.  Time will tell how many pullets and how many cockerels.  May the rest of your week be blessed.

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