Friday, November 22, 2019

Mud Ducks

Ducks and mud, they go together, always!  It doesn't help that I indulge them with an extra container of water to play in.  My Pekin, Rosie, voices her great displeasure on days I don't fill their water pan.  They always have a bucket to dunk their heads in, but in the colder and freezing weather, no water pan.  She pouts.  Rowdy is a Rouen drake and he takes care of Rosie.  He was a very shy standoffish little one, but has come into his own the more he matures.  They are both only about 6 1/2 months old at this point.

Ducks love mud!

I had always wanted ducks but when I learned how messy they could be I decided maybe not right now.  I then settled I would get some Muscovies that are land ducks and really don't want/need the extra water.  When these ducks needed a home, I reluctantly agreed to take them and have fallen in love.  I had a chance to rehome them, but then couldn't part with them as I have become quite fond of them (mud and all!).


Rosie has been giving us beautiful, large eggs (more like extra jumbo) for months now.  They are seasonal layers, more so than chickens, but she's been laying almost non-stop so far.  The last week or so it has been almost every other day so I wonder if she is going to take a break for the winter.  If you have considered getting ducks, just do your research on which breeds would be best for you and then just do it!

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