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Name Meaning Gifts REVIEW

Amazing Names by CrossTimber

Are you looking for a unique gift?  Do you want to surprise your child or grandchild with a special personalized gift just for them?  You must check out Your Amazing Name - Personalized Adventures for EVERY name! from CrossTimber - Name Meaning Gifts.  I received a coupon code for a free digital (HD video) version of a personalized video for my daughter.  The video is 28 minutes long.  The code also provided me with 20% off any additional products that I ordered.  I ordered a physical copy of the DVD for 20% off in addition to the free digital version.  When I received the completed digital product via email they also sent some fun activity pages using her name.  CrossTimber is a family (the Dehnhart family) living in a farmhouse in Ohio who have been providing personalized gifts for 23 years.

It was fairly easy to complete my order.  Once I placed my order I received another email with special instructions on how to provide the personal information that they needed to create the video.  Items requested were her name, any nickname, digital copies of her artwork, a personal picture of her, our address, and a personalized letter from her father and me to her.  It was simple to complete and submit.  It only took about 2 weeks to get the finished product back.  I watched it and was very tickled by it.  It was very professionally done and I appreciated the reference of God and scripture throughout the "movie."

Scripture references throughout the movie

The personalized video is not only fun but also has a purpose.  It aims to familiarize and teach your little one how to spell their name, what their name means, how special they are, what God thinks of them, how special their name is, what their address is, and includes a personal letter from you to your special little one.  There are scripture and references to God throughout the film.  When the movie opened and Little Bug saw her artwork on the screen she squealed in delight!  She couldn't believe that the pencil character (Benjamin) knew her name AND her nickname!  She was VERY upset when he drew on her picture.  She said, "He ruined it!"  I think she forgave him once she got through the movie, LOL.

Some of the additional items for purchase are the physical DVD, NamePlaque (with the meaning of their name and scripture), Personalized Character Photo, Origin Scroll, or even Gift Certificate to give to someone else so they can complete the customized order process themselves.

Origin Scroll

Gift Certificate

Little Bug also enjoyed working on and completing some of the activity pages that were sent as a PDF attachment to our digital video order.  They used her name to customize the pages.

Fun personalized activity pages

I didn't notice anywhere on a suggested age for this product but from my perspective, I think it best fits a child of Kindergarten and younger.  Older ones might enjoy it, it just depends on their maturity level and academic progress. At age 7 and in 1st grade, Little Bug knows how to spell her name but could use some practice on her address (my fault, not hers). 

We really enjoyed Your Amazing Name - Personalized Adventures for EVERY name!  I definitely recommend that you not only check this product out but the many others they have available on their main CrossTimber website.  You can connect with them on PINTEREST and they have a wonderful chat feature on their website and are happy to help with any questions you might have.  They are currently running a GRAND OPENING special on this product for $20 off the regular price!

I also encourage you to check out their FREE NameCard offer on their site and be sure to participate in the free giveaway!

Follow the graphic link below to see what my fellow Crew members have to say about this AMAZING product.

Your Amazing Name - Personalized Adventures for EVERY name! {CrossTimber - Name Meaning Gifts Reviews} 
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