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Library and Educational Services REVIEW

I have used Library and Educational Services LLC for many years now.  I was so happy to have the opportunity to write a review for them. I have shared my knowledge of them for many years and hopefully, more will know about them now.  They are a wholesale distributor of books, CDs, and DVDs serving schools, churches, libraries, and wholesalers.  All prices are 30-70% (or more) off publisher's list prices.  They are not open to the public so you must register as a wholesale buyer (being a homeschooler qualifies you for this).  Registration is completely free and there are no membership fees.  For purposes of this review, I received a gift certificate to purchase merchandise with some guidelines on what items to purchase.  Shipping was free and I was able to also purchase additional items to add to this order for the free shipping.  I received everything in the above picture for less than $10 (the $73.88 gift certificate reduced my total cost).

This was off of my invoice! (NOTE: the extra savings in the end was
due to the gift certificate I received as a result of this review.

I was asked to purchase 1 item from the "Who Was . . ." series (for ages 8-12) and I chose Who Was Alexander Graham Bell?  I thought Little Bug would enjoy this since we are in the age of cell phones and we actually don't even have a landline anymore.  It is a softcover chapter book that is probably perfect for 2nd to 5th grade.  She is a very good reader at 6 years of age but I chose to read this aloud to her.  I learned some things through this book I never knew.  I didn't realize the connections with Thomas Edison, Elisha Gray, Thomas Watson, William Forbes, and several others.  How fascinating! I especially never knew of his connection with Helen Keller!  There are even timelines at the back of the book that I also found to be very helpful with history.  I would highly recommend you check this series out.

I was also asked to purchase one of the Lifehouse Theater CD series (ages 6 and up) and I chose Trapped in Aesop's Fables!  I am so glad I chose this one.  It was perfect for Little Bug, though I might caution that there were some instances of peril (wolf eating lamb and a goose being killed) so maybe not so good for the younger crowd.  The stories are dramatized and really pull you into the stories.  Young Henry finds himself in trouble at home and so during his grounding, he finds a chest with books.  He is magically transported into the stories of Aesop's Fables and must figure out what the life lesson is in order to come back to reality.  It is a cute twist to the stories and had Little Bug very engaged into the stories. The fables included were:
  • The Ant and the Grasshopper
  • The Tortoise and the Hare
  • The Boy Who Cried Wolf
  • The Goose and the Golden Eggs
  • The Milkmaid and Her Pail

You can also go to their website and download a free curriculum guide which we did.  It was just 6 pages and included a brief history of the fable, review questions and answers from the stories, a theme verse, fun facts, and further discussion questions.

Finally, I was asked to purchase a selection from the reinforced hardcover library binding nonfiction books section.  I chose several different series that included Animals on the Family Farm (ages 5-8), Famous Lives (ages 6-10), All About American Symbols (ages 3-6), and Let's Find Out! Government (ages 6-10).  Please keep in mind that these are not your run of the mill hardcover books.  These are the much higher quality library binding (Library Bound Books) like many of the higher quality hardcover books you borrow from your local library.

The Animals on the Family Farm series included:
  • SHEEP on the Family Farm
  • GOATS on the Family Farm
  • COWS on the Family Farm
  • CHICKENS on the Family Farm

She absolutely LOVES to read!

The Famous Lives series (these were listed as $159.30 and I got them for $17.76!!) included:
  • Sacagawea (Little Bug remembered her from the Night at the Museum movie, LOL!!)
  • Abigail Adams
  • Abraham Lincoln
  • Ben Franklin
  • Clara Barton
  • Florence Nightingale
  • George Washington
  • Susan B. Anthony
  • Harriet Tubman

The All About American Symbols (for the much younger crowd) series included:

  • The Bald Eagle
  • Mount Rushmore
  • The Statue of Liberty
  • The Liberty Bell

All about American Symbols series

The last series I purchased was Let's Find Out! Government and it included:
  • What is the Constitution?
  • What are Taxes?
  • What is the Legislative Branch?
  • What is the Judicial Branch?
  • What is the Executive Branch?
  • What is Citizenship?

If you are a homeschooler and you like to have a dynamic library available for your kids I highly recommend you check out Library and Educational Services LLC!  It is also important to note the following comment that means a lot to me, "We carefully review all items we carry so that they are not contrary to Biblical standards and values."  I have also found many good curriculum deals.   They are constantly getting new stock in, you just have to check back periodically.  They also carry CDs and DVDs and have special sales going on all the time.  Be sure to check their selections under Closeouts and Stock Reductions for even deeper discounts.  I have been a customer for many years and love when they have their special sales.  I think it is about twice a year when they have special sales where you can get double for your money on specific books. You can connect with them on FACEBOOK, PINTEREST, YOUTUBE, and INSTAGRAM.

Please also be sure to check out the reviews from my fellow Crew members to see what fun books they chose to review by clicking on the graphic link below.  Happy reading!!

Wholesale Books for Your Homeschool {Library and Educational Services LLC Reviews}
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