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We are going into our 7th year using a wonderful math curriculum called CTCMath. I was so happy that they had the Family Membership option that came in handy when we added Little Bug to our homeschool math.  I have reviewed for CTCMath before HERE.  I don't want to be too redundant in this review so I will focus more on what is NEW.  I received a 12-month Family Membership, for up to 5 students, to this online math curriculum.  You will need internet access to use this program.

For details on the general content of this program please go to my previous REVIEW and/or be sure to follow the graphic link at the bottom of this post to see what my fellow Crew members have to say about CTCMath.  I will repeat a few great aspects of this program.  It is an interactive, online math curriculum that is multi-sensory.  The lessons are generally short 4-10 minute video lessons that cover topics one at a time and allow your student to gain mastery over a short period of time.  Students can rewatch the videos as many times as they need to get help.  Many lessons can be printed out on worksheets and then answers entered in online.

Easy to navigate menus

Progress and results at a glance

More details on progress and results

Ability to take diagnostic tests

As I have said many times, CTCMath has been such a lifesaver for us over the years.  This full math curriculum has changed so much over the years and it just keeps getting better and better!  They only had a full curriculum through the 8th grade when we first started.  Now it includes kindergarten through the 12th grade (including Calculus).  Some of the newer features they have added include:
  • Question Wizard Bank
  • Individual Results
  • Weekly Revision Tasks (1st-6th grade)
  • User Guides

I am so excited about the Question Wizard Bank and the User Guides.  Over the years I have had to poke around to learn most of the features, but now you can just go to the User Guides section and watch a video that explains in great detail many of the features of the program and how to use them!  Videos include:
  • Getting Started
  • Add Student
  • Adding Tasks
  • Question Types
  • Parent Reports
  • Weekly Revision Tasks
  • Question Bank Wizard
  • Question Bank Reports

The new Question Wizard Bank feature is wonderful.  I really like that you can customize worksheets for your student for extra practice.  You can also add these to their task list!  Watching the video on this one is a must.  You have the ability to print, email a PDF, or save a PDF of any worksheets you create.

Choose which lessons you want practice on

You can choose how many questions or how long you want the worksheet to be.
You can also adjust the level of difficulty of the questions.

Customizing or saving the worksheet

Creating your own worksheets for practice is wonderful!

The Individual Results addition is nice because now you can easily view each individual lesson your student has completed at a glance and what type of lesson it was (i.e. worksheet or interactive questions).  If the lesson was interactive questions you have the option to view/print out all the questions your child answered and if they were right or wrong.  You can see what they got wrong and why and use that information to work with your student or generate customized worksheets for more practice.

You can see which questions they got wrong

Finally, the Weekly Revision Tasks, available for 1st to 6th grade, is another wonderful addition.  I REALLY like that you can also print these out for your student to work on and then enter the answers online once completed.  They are a great way to review what your child has learned and identify any weaknesses they may have (in which case you can then go to the Question Wizard Bank and generate some worksheets!

Sample PDF printout of weekly revision task

Each time I have thought that we might try a new curriculum we keep coming back to CTCMath.  I highly recommend this program, especially if you have struggling learners that can use a muti-sensory approach with short, concise lessons.  Little Bug is not a struggling learner, but she sure does like the shortness of the lessons.  It keeps her fresh and interested and she doesn't have much time to get bored or frustrated with too much repetition.  The Family Membership option is great if you have more than one student.  Homeschool memberships are 50% off regular pricing!

You can connect with CTCMath on FACEBOOK, TWITTER, PINTEREST, YOUTUBE, and INSTAGRAM.  Please also be sure to check out the other reviews on this great math curriculum by clicking on the graphic link below.

Math 12-month Family Membership {CTCMath Reviews 2019}

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