Friday, May 31, 2019

The Babies are Here!

New life on the farm.  I just love when my broody hens get some hatchlings.  Our first hatch day was supposed to be May 30 but one came early on May 29.  Several others followed on May 30.  By today, May 31 we had 5 new baby chicks.  She still had 6 other eggs to hatch.  One was definitely bad (it smelled!).  But the other 5 could still be viable.  She quit sitting them this afternoon.  By this evening I put them under another hen who is sitting eggs.  We shall see what the outcome is.  If they don't hatch within a few days then I will be pretty sure that they are just not viable.  Perhaps not fertilized or something else happened.

Here are a couple pictures of the cuties.  It's always more fun when mom hatches them out.  They end up not being quite as tame, but they generally are hardier than those I buy in the store.

I'll keep you updated on them as they grow.  Can't wait to find out how many pullets we might have.  Don't have any room for any more roosters!

May your day be blessed.

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