Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Chicken Math

My main coop now has 6 roosters and 34 hens

Chicken math, it's a real thing!  When I first got into chickens 5 years ago, I kept hearing about "chicken math."  Just what is it?  Well . . . it doesn't take long for most people who get into chickens to figure out what it means.  Basically, once the chicken bug hits you, you are done!  You are pulled in and there is no turning back.  But seriously, it is so easy to get addicted and you just find yourself wanting more.

This is the "green" coop with 1 rooster and 4 hens

It starts with those cute, fluffy balls of fluff.  You make the decision to get chickens.  You go to your local farm store, breeder, or hatchery catalog.  You can't resist all the cute little peeps and their splendiferous (is that even a word??) colors.  Maybe you decide you only want 4 -5 chickens or so.  Just enough for eggs for your family.  You might get lucky and actually only walk away with that many.  The challenge these days is that most of the local shops make you buy at least 6 so you aren't buying them as pets but as actual livestock.  Sometimes chicks don't make it so getting 6 probably isn't a bad idea.

The bad idea might be that you underestimated how much you would enjoy them and accidentally build or buy a house/coop that ends up being way too small way too soon.  Yes, that is where chicken math starts.  You start with your first batch and before you know it you want more.  You miss the fluffy peeps or you just decide that you want other breeds/colors.  Maybe later you even decide you must add different colors to your egg basket.  Whatever the reason, if you start chicken keeping, and like it, odds are you will end up with more than you ever thought you would. 

This is my "4H red coop" with 1 rooster and 8 hens

It is so easy to get addicted to them.  They are cute, funny, personable and just downright entertaining.  They can place a calm in you like no other.  Just go out by your coop, sit in a chair, and watch the antics begin.  There really is no better entertainment out there, except for maybe goats!!  All joking aside if you have a desire to get some chickens, do it!!  You won't regret it and I bet you won't look back and wish you didn't.  Enjoy!!  And don't say I didn't warn you.

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