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The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls BOOK REVIEW

Who doesn't just love a good read-aloud?  And score when these MJ Thomas kids books include historical facts from the bible!  My next review includes two books from WorthyKids, an imprint of Hachette Book Group.  I received physical copies of books 3 and 4 of The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls series.  These chapter books are recommended for ages 6-9 and grades 1-3.  Little Bug is in kindergarten and is just now learning to read so these were a little advanced for her to read on her own, but perfect to use as read-alouds.  Big brother even likes to sit in and listen.  There is just enough action and adventure to keep your interest.  Each chapter book is 120 pages and includes illustrations and easy to read print.

The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls series currently includes 5 books with book 5 just recently being released.  When author MJ Thomas went looking for a good book for his 9-year-old son that included faith, adventure, and education, he came up empty-handed.  His son encouraged him to write such a book and the Hidden Scrolls series was born from there.  The main characters in the books include Great-Uncle Solomon, Peter, his older sister Mary, his dog Hank, and Arch Angel Michael.  Great-Uncle Solomon is an archaeologist who has a house full of wonderful artifacts and a special room where the adventures begin.  When the lion roars, they rush to the library to pick the next scroll and the adventures begin as the kids are transported back in time.  The scroll contains clues and a puzzle for them to solve before their allotted time is up. If they fail they could be stuck back in time!

The Legend of the Hidden Scrolls
The Scrolls contain the truth you seek.
Break the Seal.  Unroll the scroll.
And you will see the past unfold.
Amazing adventures are in store
for those who follow the lion's roar!
(p.2, The Great Escape) 

The Great Escape (Book #3)

In The Great Escape (Book #3) Peter, Mary, and Hank are transported back to Egypt during the time when the Israelites were in bondage to slavery under Pharoah.  They meet princess Shephara, daughter to the Pharoah. She rescues them from the river and invites them to the palace for clean clothes and a meal. Peter and Mary get to witness Moses and the plagues.  There's lots of adventure and mystery to keep you on your toes.  Who is the Black Panther and just what connection does he have to the Magician?  Will the kids escape the plagues?  Will Michael come to their rescue?  You must get the book to find out!

Journey to Jericho (Book #4)

In Journey to Jericho (Book #4), Peter and Mary discover that Great-Uncle Solomon used to be a spy!  Peter and Mary get code names, The Bear and The Monkey.  They find out that Great-Uncle Solomon became an archeologist after he found an artifact that could help prove the Bible is true.  His new mission was to do just that.  The lion roars and their new journey begins in the Tabernacle.  They witness God speaking to Joshua and his orders to take the people to the promised land. As seems the norm in the stories, later Michael warns them about Satan and to be careful. They meet up with Caleb and Phinehas, the two Israelite spies, in Jericho.  Does Hank return after leading enemy spies away?  After meeting up with Rahab are they able to warn her in time before the walls of Jericho fall?  Who is that strange man in black and does he capture them?  Do they complete the puzzle before it is too late?  Get the book to find out!

I really like this series and I don't feel like you miss out on anything (other than another exciting adventure) by not reading the books in order or having the whole series.  Each book explains what the premise is to what is going on.  Each book states the legend and Michael shares the rules of the adventure. I especially like that at the end of the books there are scripture references you can follow to learn more about the real story in the bible.

Scripture references for actual bible story

I like the stories and it keeps the kids on their toes about what happens next.  Little Bug just loves books and hearing Bible stories and this is really right up her alley.  She will be able to read these stories by herself most likely within a year or so.  The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls series are definite keepers and we recommend them as additions to your library. You can read an excerpt of Chapter 1 HERE.

You can reach WorthyKids, an imprint of Hachette Book Group on FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, and TWITTER.  Also, be sure to check out the reviews from my fellow crew members by clicking on graphic below.

The Great Escape & Journey To Jericho {WorthyKids Reviews}
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