Thursday, March 28, 2019

Feral Kitty

Meet another member of our homestead, Katerina.  About 3 years ago this sweet feral kitty decided to "adopt" us and became our beloved outdoor pet.  She just showed up on our back porch and kept hanging around our back yard.  My husband had already made it clear that we would not be having any more indoor pets so I wasn't sure what we would do. My son decided that we needed to at least feed her and of course, he wanted to keep her.  I asked around to all the neighbors to see if she had just wandered off but no one knew who she was or who she could belong to.

Fast forward 3 years and we still have this precious gem.  She is such a sweet lovable cat and somehow I believe she was part of a catch and release program where someone neuters the pet to live out on a farm or something.  Her ear has the tip cut off and she has never come into heat or had any kittens.  She is an excellent mouser and really helps take care of our out of control mole population!  She still has quite a bit of wild in her but she loves a good belly rub and lots of attention on HER terms.  In return, she gets a nice heated igloo home for cold winter months and a steady food supply.

She has the funniest personality and almost always "escorts" me back and forth to the chicken coop when I go to feed and clean every day.  She is wild enough that she manages to keep the crazy neighbor dogs at bay and has survived well.  I'm pretty sure she was not even a year old when we first acquired her so hopefully, she will have many more years with us.

Do you have any surprise critters that you acquired over the years?  What is the strangest pet you own?

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