Monday, February 4, 2019

Is Spring Just Around the Corner?

The girls were enjoying our unseasonably warm weather the other morning. I always crack up at their "water cooler" chat times.  You can just imagine what they were discussing or complaining about!  You can see the crazy garden in the background in utter disarray.  Wow, got a lot to do to get it cleaned up for this year's planting!  I was sure we would get it prepared before winter but we didn't.

We have some exciting plans for the garden this year so I am excited to get started on it.  Perhaps this weekend if the weather permits.  It is still winter but I plan to take advantage of any crazy warm days when we can.  Last week we enjoyed some beautiful robins, bluebirds and a cardinal.  I have never seen so many robins in our yard at once.  It was so odd, yet very special and beautiful to see.  Based on the wildlife around here it seems that perhaps spring might arrive a little early.

We still have more cold on the horizon, but we will enjoy the next few days of warmth while we can.  How is the weather in your neck of the woods?  Have you noticed that spring seems perhaps a little early where you are too?

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