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Reading Eggs Workbook REVIEW

Hopefully, if you have been homeschooling for even a short bit, you are familiar with Reading Eggs.  If not, I will put a link to my review below.  The main topic today is my review of their new workbooks.  I was given a 278-page softcover copy of the 200 Essential Reading Skills for Kindergarten (240 skills according to the book cover) workbook for review.  I was also given a complimentary 3-month subscription to their online activity program (including both Reading Eggs and Mathseeds).  This couldn't have come at a better time as we have started our new school year officially in Kindergarten.

Little Bug using the Reading Eggs program on the Kindle

As we progress through her school work this year I am becoming more convinced that perhaps Little Bug could advance to 1st grade but I will leave that decision till later in the semester.  We "played" with Kindergarten work last year because she has a late birthday.  I knew we could have started Kindergarten last year but decided to keep her in the "grade" that public school would have started her with.  Due to her birthday, she would not be eligible to start Kindergarten until this year.  I am finding out that I will most likely have an early reader as she can pretty much already read beginning books.  Her skills are a result of the wonderful programs we have had the blessing to review including Reading Eggs and now their wonderful workbooks.

Sample lesson 10 workbook page

The Reading Eggs reading for kids program is wonderful for helping your littles learn to read.  We really liked their online activity program and now Little Bug is enjoying the accompanying workbook.  The workbook follows the format of the online program with the maps and lessons.  Each "map" has a total of 10 lessons. There are 6 maps for a total of 60 lessons.  At the end of each map section,  there is a quiz, a certificate of completion, a fun spot page, and find the hidden pictures activity.  Each lesson is 4 pages long and can be easily completed within about 15 minutes.  I have a goal to complete at least 3 lessons per week and that would allow you to complete the program within 20 weeks (not including the quizzes and extra activities at the end of each map).

Certificate of completion for Map 1

Sample online screen shot of lesson 10

While the workbook can be purchased and used as a standalone product, you will see much better results with the additional subscription to their Reading Eggs interactive game for kids online program.  They have great prices on the yearly option that also includes a subscription to the math for kids program, Mathseeds, that helps with math skills. If you homeschool and have multiple children you can contact them directly for special pricing.

Online map for first 10 lessons

The online level that Little Bug is using with her Kindergarten workbook

While the online program is geared to coordinate with the workbook lessons, they are not the same.  You get MUCH more practice and activity with the online program.  It is suggested that you complete the online lesson first before completing the coordinating workbook pages.  It takes Little Bug about 20 minutes or so to complete the online activities.  The workbook allows your child to work on their writing skills in addition to the concepts introduced in the online lesson.

Sample lesson 10 workbook page showing skills practiced including writing.

At the end of each workbook lesson is a coin to color, name the egg that hatched, fill in the smiley face, and the letter of the day.

Sample of end of lesson prompts.

The key to the workbook (just like the online program) is the 5 pillars of reading success that include:
  • Phonological and phonemic awareness
  • Phonics
  • Vocabulary
  • Fluency
  • Comprehension
I really like the quizzes that are given at the end of online books when Little Bug completes her reading.  I am amazed at her level of comprehension.  She really does pay attention to detail and generally aces the quizzes.  I guess it might be a "girl thing" because her brother never really mastered this skill so early.

Online Reading Eggs Suite

My conclusion is that I would recommend the workbooks to supplement the Reading Eggs online activity program.  I would even recommend them as a stand-alone product or to use with your current language arts program.  The 200 Essential Reading Skills for Kindergarten workbook really helped to round out our language arts program for Little Bug.  It is allowing her to practice her writing skills and further reinforcing her language arts skills.  Being able to write with your hands and learning at the same time is a skill that cannot be properly completed when they are just tapping on a screen or even just tracing letters with their fingers.  She is also learning to properly construct sentences.

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Reading Eggs has given me a 10% off coupon code for my readers to use on any workbook purchase (use code: WK10Y8ZVM9U).  You can also get 4 FREE WEEKS to try out the Reading Eggs online program (good through Oct 7, 2018).

Online Reading Eggs Suite
You can connect with Reading Eggs on FACEBOOK, TWITTER, INSTAGRAM, and PINTEREST.  Be sure to check out my previous review on Reading Eggs HERE. Don't forget to also check out the other reviews on all their workbooks including those for the math program by clicking on the graphic below.

Online Reading Eggs Suite {Reading Eggs Reviews}
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