Thursday, September 27, 2018

It's Canning Time!

So glad I got some canning done this year.  It's been quite some time since I have canned this much.  I wish my tomatoes had produced even more so I could have put up more than just salsa, but grateful for what we got for sure.  We are certainly stocked up on jalapeno jelly I think!  Tonight's agenda was more apple butter in the crockpot and some pear butter.  I have never made pear butter so hope it turns out.  I don't think I let it cook down as much as I should have, but I was getting so tired and just wanted to call it a night. Hopefully, it will be okay.

Tomorrow I will try the pear honey and probably more applesauce.  Not sure what else I might come up with.  Oh, I also wanted to get some apple pie filling put up too.  I really hope I can pull off getting a pressure cooker for canning this year (for canning next year).

The garden is winding down and really needs to move towards winterizing.  I was going to try to put in some fall crops but decided not to since I can't seem to keep up with everything else right now.  The extra babies in the coop have kept me busier than I care to be with the coops right now.  My once 30 min or less routine has become a 90 min job by the time I am done with everything.  Will be glad when this crew is either grown or processed.

What's new on your homestead?  Any plans for your fall garden?

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