Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Her Name Shall Be "Fluffy"

Not the best of pics but this is one of the babies currently on our homestead.  She is a Light Brahma and a pet for my son.  I told him she must have a name at this point.  I can't get her to come to her name if she doesn't have one.  He has wanted a Light Brahma for some time now so when I had the chance we got one.  She is pretty cute but VERY flighty and not tame at all.  Brahma's are supposed to be very friendly and pretty tame so hopefully, she will eventually settle down.  We bought her at our local farm feed store along with 2 Australorps and 3 Amber Links.  The Amber Links turned out to be something else we are still trying to figure out (possibly Calico Princess) and one of them died within the first week.

Back to the subject of her name, he said "Fluffy."  Now mind you I am guessing her name is part of a recent inside joke where we had seen a pretty funny video on a social media site that was a talking chicken by the name of "Janet" talking about her "fluffy bum bum feathers."  It is the new joke in our house that I think will stick for a little while anyway.

The rest of the babies are doing well and growing like weeds.  The Rhode Island Whites are huge!  Almost the size of my full grown hens.  I sure hope they are pullets.  Time will tell with all of them.  I already know that of the 18 baby chicks we currently have at least 6 of them are roosters, possibly 7 or more!  Five of them are pullets for sure because we bought those.  That would leave 7 of them that are still unknown at this point.  Both Lavenders are really looking like pullets.  I will be surprised if either of them is a rooster.

To add to the crazy one of my Maran hens is sitting again!  Someone broke one of her eggs today and it was the one I intentionally placed under her to hatch.  Bummer!  Maybe next time.

What exciting things are going on in your homestead? 

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