Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Hidden Egg Stash

Our temperatures of late have been miserable.  Most days our heat index has been over 100 degrees and often around 105 degrees.  To say the chickens are "NOT HAPPY" is an understatement!  I do everything I can to try to keep them cool from ice water to electrolytes to insulated waterers to even misting systems.  So far I have not had any losses and I am very grateful for that.  However, egg production has been another story!  I've gone from over 2 dozen per day to only about 15 if I am lucky.

Part of the drop has been due to all of my broody hens.  I currently have 5 out of commission either raising chicks or still trying to sit eggs.  That still leaves me with 30 laying hens!  Only 15 eggs from 30 layers are not good in my opinion.  I do have some older hens that aren't laying great and one coop where 3 of the 4 layers are up for culling this fall due to no or little egg production.

One day recently we had an EXTREMELY low egg count and I just knew there had to be some missing eggs.  Well, I found them in a temporary shelter I had opened up behind one of the coops.  Little stinkers.  I didn't think they would try to lay in there!!

How is your egg production going?  How are your temperatures where you are?

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