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Bible Study Guide REVIEW

Bible Study Guide for All Ages
Little Bug loves all things Bible so when we had the chance to review the Beginner (3-K) Bible study curriculum by Bible Study Guide For All Ages we said, "Yes!"  Mention just about any character in the Bible and Little Bug can probably spout off a story for you.  Even though she is pretty well versed on her stories I wanted a little more formal teaching and a better handle for her on the timeline of actual events.  I received physical copies of the Beginner Level pages for lessons 1-26 and the Beginner Level Timeline.  I was even more excited when I realized that this is the same program that was used in our co-op but neither of my kids was the right age for the class they had at the time.  I really liked the program.

Bible Study Guide for All Ages

One item that is optional and was not included was the 2-disc CD set of children's songs.  I was pretty sure I wanted to order this but waited until we finished our review in case I wanted to order other items.  The CD set includes 90 songs that cover drills, stories, character qualities, and more.

Bible Study Guide for All Ages
Sample Beginner Level Timeline card

The program is structured to be covered over a 4 year period.  Each set of lessons (26 lessons each) is geared to be covered over a quarter for a total of 4 sets per year.  At that pace, you are covering 3-4 lessons per week.  With it being summer our goal was to cover at least 2 lessons per week.

Working on the backside of the workbook page

Bugs completed coloring page from Apply It! section

Little Bug really likes the format of these lessons.  I read, we cover scripture, she gets to work on the workbook pages, answer questions, and color.  The lessons are on 11" X 14" (legal size) paper and printed on front and back.  They are lightly glued on the spine to form a simple workbook that allows the pages to be easily removed for placement into a binder if you choose.  I am going to bind her pages with our binding machine once she completes her year.  Even though we only received the first quarter of lessons I have already ordered the rest of the year as well as some additional resources including the 2-disc CD set!  The Timeline pages are printed in color on nice semigloss cardstock.  I paper hole punched them and placed them into a binder for easy access and safekeeping. 

Getting through our lesson.  She LOVES to color!

Each lesson walks you through what to do step by step.  The lesson begins with the basics and reviewing the Timeline page for the day. Next, you cover sing and remember where you begin to learn the books of the Bible and if you have the CD you play the suggested song.  There are also general Bible questions in this section.  Following this is the Get Active section where you have an interactive short lesson.  The page then instructs you to flip the page over to the Discover the Bible section on the back.  There is scripture you can reference and/or read (I chose to read the scriptures out of my bible as she was going through each step of this section).  In this section, your child follows directions given like circling or coloring things in.  It is all based on the referenced scripture and helps to make the scriptures come alive.  When you are done with this section the page instructs you to flip the page back over to the Apply It section on the front. There is scripture reference here too and this in the section where the questions relate to the topic at hand and reference the picture on the page.  It presents real-life situations where your child can practice "doing" God's word.  The lessons only take us about 20-30 minutes to complete.  They are short and she really enjoys them.  Especially since we end the lesson with her being able to color the picture from the last section.

What is covered in the first year
Sample of front page of lesson

I love the interactive aspect of this kids Bible study and I like that she enjoys it.  Reviewing scripture, character building and getting to see the "big picture" are all pluses to this program.  Another HUGE plus that is SO IMPORTANT is that the lessons transfer across ages.  What I mean is that if you finish lesson 104 and for some reason want to move up to a higher age level you can just start at lesson 105 at that higher age level and never skip a beat.  I know this because I called customer service about this.  I was able to personally speak with Brian and expressed to him how much we love this program.  He assured me that the lessons work as I just explained.  I think this is excellent that as she progresses through the lessons we will not have to "start over" or go over material we already covered.  She will just continue learning new things at her appropriate age level.  This definitely convinced me to purchase the lessons for the rest of the year and to also add some tools for my teen.

Bible Study Guide for All Ages
I ordered these for my teen for review purposes

We highly recommend you check out the Beginner (3-K) Bible study curriculum by Bible Study Guide For All Ages.  You can connect with them on FACEBOOK and TWITTER.

Bible Study Guide for All Ages
Bible Study Guide for All Ages
Wall Maps and Timeline Set
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