Sunday, June 17, 2018

The Three Amigos

The little stinkers never stay still!  I have tried to get pics on them for a while now, but they never turn out cause they run from the camera!  LOL.  So, here they are.  The best I can get right now.  They are cute, fluffy, and healthy.  Mom protects them fiercely.

Our weather has been SO hot lately.  Even with fans and misters the coop inside has been about 100 degrees.  Our "feels like" outside temps have been around 105 degrees!  The chickens are stressed.  I always do ice water and misters in the hot summers anyway and make sure they get electrolytes as needed also.  Hope we get a break soon.  The effect of the heat is cumulative on the flock and if it continues it may not have a happy ending.  We lost one last year to heat stress despite all efforts to keep it from happening.

I can't believe they are already feathering and getting their tail feathers!

I'm hoping for at least one or two pullets out of this bunch.  The odds are against me, but I can dream :).  I really hope the Easter Egger is a pullet.  Wouldn't mind if the one that resembles an Australorp baby was also a pullet.  Time will tell and I will have updates.

What's new in your flock lately?  Any broody mommas or hatched chicks?

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