Thursday, June 28, 2018

The Three Amigos Have a Sibling

Pip for pipsqueek
And we shall call her Pip.  She is so tiny.  She may be a he, but I hope not!  Pip was abandoned by her mom in our other coop.  She was born a few days after her siblings and her mom decided to reject her.  Sassy, after some convincing, decided she was up to the task of fostering this little cutie.  I'm pretty sure she is one of Sir Galahad's offspring (he was the cute black silkie I had to rehome recently because the other rooster in the pen had had enough of him).  Pip's  mother is Snow White, my supposed Olive Egger that lays like a typical Easter Egger (she is all white).  Pip has feathers on her legs but I am not yet convinced she has all black skin so we shall see.

Pip and her big sissy

She is only about a week, maybe two younger than her current foster siblings, but she is SO TINY!! (Another reason I am thinking she is a silkie).  At first, her new siblings were scared to death of her.  It was so comical.  This tiny little thing chasing them everywhere because she just wanted a friend.  She has adjusted so well and they are all doing fabulously together.  It is so cute.  Today her big sissy actually was trying to protect her from me when I was trying to catch her.  Gave me a good chuckle.

Pip with 2 of her siblings and mom
It's never a dull moment in the chicken yard!  Plenty more stories to come. Waiting on some chicks that were ordered because we have TWO more broody mommas whose eggs didn't hatch.  I ordered Australorp, Amber Link, Light Brahma and if I'm lucky Lavender Orpingtons!  Are you hatching?  Did you hatch any this spring?  What's in your egg basket?

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