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MaxScholar Reading Intervention REVIEW

MaxScholar Reading Intervention Programs

It's easy to take learning to read for granted.  You just get a simple phonics program and before you know it, voila, your child is reading, right?  Well, that generally works as long as your child doesn't have learning issues such as ADHD, dyslexia, or processing problems.  I was so glad to have a chance to review the Reading Intervention Programs from MaxScholar.  I received a 12-month online digital subscription to this reading intervention program for both of my kids (age 5 and 14).  The programs are geared for Pre-K to 12th grade but can also be used for adults needing help.  Remember, this is a READING INTERVENTION program.  It is geared toward struggling learners such as those with ADHD, dyslexia, or processing problems.

I learned the hard way with my son that he needed the Orton-Gillingham approach to learning to read.  He had both ADHD and dyslexia and he still wasn't reading by 2nd grade. Thanks to the Orton-Gillingham approach my son was reading at level by the end of his 2nd-grade year.  MaxScholar uses a multi-sensory approach based on Orton-Gillingham, Lindamood-Bell Process©, and other phonics and reading strategies.

I really could have used MaxScholar back then but was glad there was something available at the time that helped us.  Now, with Little Bug getting ready to start Kindergarten in the fall I was so happy to have MaxScholar available for her.  She does not seem to have the same problems as my son had but has her own learning struggles that we are still trying to figure out.  So far she is doing well with MaxScholar.  Since she is only 5 we are focusing on the phonics part of the program.  She usually only takes about 15 min or so to complete a lesson.  Her lessons are reinforcing the skills she has learned and introducing more blending that she has not worked on much yet.

Little Bug working on her lesson

Once you open your account and log in, access to the different programs is very simple and easy through your dashboard.  There are pretests to be taken to place your child at the correct level.  

Homescreen Dashboard to access programs

The Reading Intervention Programs that are available include Pre-K PHONICS (age 3-5), MAXPHONICS (age 5-7), MAXREADING (reading comprehension, highlighting, summarizing and outlining too), MAXWORDS (building words with prefixes, suffixes, and Greek and Latin roots), MAXMUSIC (learning games for memory, recognition, and auditory skills), MAXVOCAB (dictionary and vocabulary games), MAXPLACES (exploring the world), and MAXBIOS (biographies with timelines that teach chronological ordering skills).  The three main programs are the MAXPHONICS, MAXREADING, and MAXWORDS. The other 4 programs use games and strategies to enhance the learning process in reading and writing.  For example, in MAXPLACES your child can choose a destination, then read a selection about that place, learn to highlight important points, and answer questions about the passage.  It helps you work on your highlighting skills and reading comprehension.

MaxPlaces map to choose a destination
MaxPlaces reading passage with highlights

Don't let the age designations keep you from realizing that this program is for adults as well as kids.  For those who have either never learned to read or that need help in spelling and reading skills, these programs are geared to help even adults.  For students who excel, this program would probably be too easy and boring for them unless they needed help with specific skills like reading comprehension.  For the purpose this program was created for, I think it is wonderful.
MaxPlaces questions from the reading passage.

I can't get over how much material is available for our kids and they are really enjoying working through the program.  The lessons are fairly simple and short enough that they do not become bored or overly frustrated with the material.  
While Little Bug is mainly doing phonics I have my 14-year-old working heavily on MAXWORDS to get his vocabulary boosted and learn his Greek and Latin roots.  I truly believe our kids can excel when they can learn the root words.  There will be no limit to the words they can learn and decipher in the future with these skills.

Based on what we have worked with so far and what I see for potential with my kids I would definitely recommend a subscription to these Reading Intervention Programs if you have struggling learners.  You can connect with MaxScholar on FACEBOOK, TWITTER, and LINKEDIN.


Please be sure to look at the other reviews from my fellow Crew members to get more information from different perspectives on this program.  Want to try it for FREE?  Check out their 10-day FREE Trial offer, no credit card or commitment necessary!

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