Wednesday, November 22, 2017

She Crowed!!!

Hazel crowed!!  Oh no, another rooster!!!  We now have 8 roosters again.  We rehomed Olaf and were down to 7 until the other day when I heard Hazel crow.  Sir Galahad, our only other Silkie has been crowing for some time now.  My two barred rock mix boys crowed a lot later than Olaf did, so I knew the jury was still out as to whether Hazel was hen or roo.  I always wondered because Hazel always just looked like a smaller version and different color than Sir Galahad.  I knew the older Hazel got and no eggs that she might be a he.  The good news is that the two seem to get along great, so I hope it stays that way.

I still plan to move the two Silkies over to another coop with the three Frenchies (black copper marans), a SLW (Silver-laced Wyandotte), and the Olive egger trio (two roos and a hen).  It worries me a little because that will technically be 4 roos in one pen with only 5 hens.  I think the Silkies will be ok and it's possible that one of the olive eggers will become dinner in the future (I hope not cause they are both pretty cute).

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