Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Farewell to Olaf

I rehomed one of my boys last night.  He went to a good friend of mine who will take very good care of him.  From what I hear he will have his own harem of fluffy butts so he should be more than happy.  He is such a beautiful rooster and has grown into being a pretty good rooster.  Hard to believe that he isn't even full grown yet.  He was one of our hatchlings from this past spring.  He will be missed but I am glad he got a good home.

I'm now down to only 7 roosters.  Oh, my!  It will be good to get the other coop area ready as 3 of the 6 roosters in the main pen will be moving over there (the two olive eggers and my silkie rooster).

Sweet Pea has been very happy in his new digs and he now has 5 hens with him (two black sex links, one leghorn, one California white, and out buff Brahma Olivia).  He has become such a wonderful gentleman.  I am so glad we got him back.  More updates later!

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