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Gospel Tracts and Evangelism Tools REVIEW

 Let the Little Children Come Gospel Tracks
In need of some resources for sharing the Gospel?  Look no further than the Gospel Tracts and Evangelism Tools Sampler Pack from Let the Little Children Come.  I had the privilege to once again review some resources from this wonderful company.  I really liked being able to try out some of their more complex and interesting tracts.  These are not just your average booklet or postcard style tract.  These tracts are geared toward engaging the recipient in a more hands on experience.  From bracelets to pop ups, these tracts are flat fun for the younger crowd. My packet contained one each of the above pictured resources (10 items).  The tracts came in a nice reusable plastic zippered type pouch.

Nice, plastic reusable zippered pouch

  My favorites were the animated tracts (there were three different ones in the pack).  The three booklets included in the pack were, Where's Everygody Going?, John 3:16, and The True Story of Christmas.  You use a plastic slotted card to slide back and forth across the pages of the tract to see "motion."  The figures appear to move on the page (including walking, running and crawling).  It is just a fun tract!

I think the pop up tracts are always a hit with the younger crowd.  My 5 year old really likes these. It brings the message to life for her and she is able to interact with the message. The pop ups just fascinate her. There were two in the pack; The Most Amazing House and The Lost Easter Egg.

Also included in the pack were two FlipAbouts (these are cool).  They are folded a certain way so that you fold and unfold as you flip it around to see different parts of the "message."  There are instructions included on how these work.  There are two bracelets, one that you make and another that is silicone with the gospel colors on it to tell the story.  The final piece was a small laminated booklet with the colors of the gospel story.  I really wasn't sure how this one worked until I looked it up and realized it is the Wordless Book that tells the gospel message just like the Wordless Bracelets.

Also included in the packet, quick description

Inlcuded in the pack were three instruction sheets that included how to use and what to say when using the flip abouts, how to make and use the wordless bracelet, and information on how to use and what to say when using the animated tracts.

Instruction pages on What to Say and How to Use

I really liked the variety included in this pack and am glad I had the chance to review them.  I was able to see hands on how the animated tracts worked and how much my daughter enjoyed the pop ups.  My son loves crafts and of course was immediately drawn to the wordless bracelets.  He will easily use and share these with his friends.  I think all of these tracts are wonderful to use to share the gospel with children.  The animated and pop up tracts are not only perfect for sharing with strangers but would also be a nice supplement in your Sunday School classes.  They are great for child evangelism. They would be perfect for my 3-5  year old class!

I would definitely recommend you check out Let the Little Children Come and see what they have to offer in the way of spreading the Gospel message.  I was so glad to see what the Gospel Tracts and Evangelism Tools Sampler Pack had to offer.  For just $11.95 for 1-10 packets the Sampler Pack is perfect for you to try out what they have to offer.  There are discounts offered for larger quantities.

Let The Little Children Come

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