Saturday, April 15, 2017

A Boy and His Dog

This little fuzzy bundle of joy entered our lives about 9 months ago and things haven't been the same.  Last year some friends of ours asked if my son could have one of their pups.  The wife breeds Australian Shepherds and they wanted to bless my son with one of the pups from their recent litter.  My husband had previously stated absolutely no more pets.  We currently had one dog and two cats indoors and one cat outdoors (plus the chickens!).  At one time years ago we had 3 dogs and 3 cats all indoors in a place about half the size of where we live now!  For some reason, he decided maybe it was time to let my son have another pet.

It has been the best decision. Sort of!  Just kidding, it has been.  Australian Shepherds are a special kind of special.  I am now so in love with the breed I can't imagine having any other.  She has so endeared herself to us.  But stubborn, oh how stubborn they are.  I am so in love with this dog it is not even funny.  The picture above is her and my son with her newest toy, her Jolly ball.  I read about it on an Aussie page and it has been the best.  She LOVES it!  She kicks and chases it all over the yard.  One thing with Aussies is that they have to stay busy.  They need a job to do and they must stay busy or they get very ornery!  She has done so much damage to toys and my house!  She chews forever and a day.  I am endlessly searching for the best chew toys for her that she can't destroy.  I will write another post to share some of those.  For now, this ball is the best!  It really feeds into her herding instinct and she enjoys it so much.

We'll be celebrating her one year birthday soon and I'm sure it will be a fun time for her if my son has anything to say about it.  Till next time.  Enjoy your weekend!

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