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The Adventures of Rooney Cruz Book REVIEW

 Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.

I've said it so many times before and I'll say it again, Little Bug just LOVES to read.  I can just leave books lying around and she will ask if she can read them.  I had downloaded some Bible Belles books for her on her Kindle before so when we had the chance to review The Adventures of Rooney Cruz RINGLEADERS written by Erin Weidemann, one of the newest releases from Truth Becomes Her, we jumped at the chance.  The bonus was that we not only received a free hardcover copy of the book, but also a coloring book, devotional, and journal!

Bonus coloring book, journal, and devotional!

The hardcover book is of very nice quality.  The pages are heavy duty glossy pages with vividly colored illustrations throughout.  This 199-page book is made in the USA! The font is large and easy to read.  I love that there are full pages of scripture throughout the book.  It is written for ages 6-11 but I think it can even be read to girls as young as 4.  This book will last for many years to come and can be easily passed down to others due to its durability.  There are 9 chapters that cover the stories of Elizabeth, Mary, The Samaritan Woman, Mary and Martha, and Mary Magdalene.

Bible references throughout

Vivid graphics and easy to read font

Full pages of scripture throughout

The 56-page coloring book is full size with easy to color pictures.  There are a decent number of pictures to color and they are printed on only one side so they can be easily torn out and posted on the refrigerator or any of your favorite spots to put your children's artwork. The pictures follow the story.

Coloring Book pages

Some pages also have scripture

The 80-page devotional is wonderful. It includes 40 days of devotions that contain scripture, reading, and activities that include questions, memory verses, and drawing.  There are also note pages at the end of every section. The sections follow chapters in the book and include the following:
  • Elizabeth: Setting the Stage
  • Mary: The Role of a Lifetime
  • The Samaritan Woman: The Show Must Go On
  • Mary and Martha: Into the Limelight
  • Mary Magdalene: Center Stage
  • Ringleader: The Leading Role

The 159-page journal is nice and is designed to be used by both you and your daughter together.  It also is focused around some of the chapters in the book and encourages more discussion into the topics covered within the bible stories.  There are writing prompts, discussion questions, and free space for just thoughts.

Journal pages

The story opens with Rooney in drama class with her friend Dani.  They are preparing to audition for the school play.  While she is struggling with the courage to audition her angel Mari appears to help her remember that with God, all things are possible.  Rooney finally decides to try out for the lead role and ends up not getting it.  Her fellow classmate Thea gets the lead role. Rooney doesn't get any of the active roles.  She gets the understudy part for the lead role instead. While Rooney struggles with how to deal with her disappointment, Mari takes her back in time to the story of Elizabeth and Zechariah and how God performed a miracle with the birth of John and the mission He had for him to perform.

The story progresses from how Rooney deals with her disappointment to actually getting to play the lead role in the very end due to an injury that Thea sustains.  While she navigates through her emotions and daily life, Mari continues to take her back in time to cover the stories of Mary, The Samaritan Woman, Mary and Martha, and Mary Magdalene.  Rooney sees how God equipped these women to do the job he put them on earth to perform.

Mari encourages Rooney along the way.  In the end, Rooney witnesses the death and resurrection of Jesus, and her eyes are open to her own sin and need for a Savior.  She confesses her sins and invites Jesus into her heart.  She then realizes that God has a mission for her too, to spread the Good News.  To tell others about the Gospel and the wonderful things that Jesus has done and will continue to do in your life.

I really like the idea of what drives these stories.  The Adventures of Rooney Cruz series were created by the author, Erin Weidemann to encourage girls to walk in boldness.  To accomplish what God put them here to do and that they are more than able with His help.  In a world where young girls struggle so much with insecurity and identity crisis, it is nice to see stories that they can relate to and learn who they are in Christ.  There is discussion of "powers" of prayer, patience, bravery, loyalty, and leadership.  While I don't like the term "powers" and I am still a little sensitive about the "angel" Mari (because she looks like a fairy and Little Bug is infatuated with fairies --which I don't really appreciate), I still really like the broad message it is trying to convey. And Little Bug absolutely LOVES the stories.

I do recommend you take the time to check out The Adventures of Rooney Cruz RINGLEADERS. You can connect with Truth Becomes Her on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM.  Be sure to also read what my fellow Crew members have to say by clicking on the graphic link below.  Happy Reading!

The Adventures of Rooney Cruz RINGLEADERS {Truth Becomes Her Reviews}

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