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Personal Finance Program REVIEW

 Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.

Finances, they affect all of us.  In my adult life, I have learned that the earlier you can get a grasp on your finances and how things work, the better off you will be.  I was so happy to have a chance to review the Personal Finance Illustrated® Homeschool Edition from PEM LIFE.  My high schooler is a junior this year and I felt it was time for him to take a plunge into this.  It is an online program so you will need internet access.  The course was originally designed to qualify for 3 credit hours at the collegiate level but it is easily adaptable to the high school level.  It is written for a semester course and I received free access to this program for 6 months.

Course Menu

My initial response to this program was a little overwhelming.  When I first logged on I felt that the opening dashboard was quite confusing. I wasn't quite sure where to go.  After I fiddled around a little I was able to get into the course and view some videos.  I was still unsure after that how to proceed.  There are "next" buttons when you view screens and videos, but that is not necessarily the "next" thing you need to do. Once I clicked on the course the menu became a little clearer. I set up a 3-ring binder for him to put the printed copy of the text and all his assignments into.

Resource Library

You move around using the menu on the left and proceed through the course.  You can have your student do this independently or you can view the instructor videos available to help guide and direct your student. I have been letting my son work on his own because I have been overwhelmed with other work but it became apparent that I needed to step in and help guide him a little.  The game changer: the instructor section and videos.  Oh my goodness!  We were really missing out by not taking advantage of this part of the course.  The Instructor Guides for each unit gives you, the teacher, prep helps, class timeline, and most importantly student assignments!  The student assignments consist of fill in the blank worksheets for them to fill out as they complete their reading assignments and watch the videos.  They completely help your student prepare for the quizzes and writing assignments.

Sample Instructor Notes

Sample Student Handout

The ancillary lessons from the teacher section are key and help you to work through some of the available resources in the resource library.  I can't imagine trying to work through this without the Instructor Guide.  Your student is taken through the process of how and why to create a resume in the very first unit using the ancillary lesson from the Instructor Guide section.

Sample Ancillary lesson

The general flow of the program is:
  • Read the assigned text
  • Fill out the worksheet
  • Watch any videos
  • Fill out the worksheet
  • Work on any ancillary assignments, videos, worksheets, etc.
  • Prepare and take quizzes as assigned
  • Participate in forum discussions (discussion board)
  • Complete any writing assignments including the Reflection Posts
As you can see there are several opportunities for writing.  The system grades the quizzes in real-time and provides you with a grade.  There are rubrics provided for the written assignments.  You also submit these in the program but since my son has not completed any yet I am unsure of the outcome.

The takeaway on this program is, Wow!  There is so much here to glean from.  The resources in the Interactive Resource Library are great (they are interactive online!!).  We are doing daily lessons now and working our way through the program.  There are writing assignments and discussion boards that he has not yet participated in but hope to soon.  It looks like more people are entering the discussion boards so hopefully, that will continue.  I think the content provided is phenomenal and the wisdom learned is indispensable.  The icing on the top when in the final Unit 18 the topic covered is The Danger of Riches.  It is taught from a biblical standpoint and this is key for me.  It hit a home run in my book.

Sample Interactive Library

Table of Contents

I give the Personal Finance Illustrated® Homeschool Edition two thumbs up!!  You might need to take the time to get familiar with navigating the program but it is so worth it!  You can connect with PEM LIFE on FACEBOOK and YOUTUBE.

Please take the time to check out the reviews from my fellow Crew members by clicking on the graphic link below, thanks!!

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