Friday, September 18, 2020

I Miss Them!


Rowdy and Rosie.  Our ducks.  Well, they were our ducks.  Not anymore.  Don't worry, they are OK, at least for now.  I made the very difficult decision to rehome them to a better place.  We were never set up for ducks but I had always wanted some so when the opportunity came up to rescue a couple of ducks I jumped on it.

They were only about 2 weeks old when we got them (they are about 1 1/2 years old now - Easter babies).  They grew quickly and we tried to accommodate them.  They have lived in such a small pen area for a little over a year and I just knew I had to do better for them.  I was going to rehome them before but couldn't imagine what it would be like with them gone.  I had grown so attached to them.  I miss the quacking the most.  I have several friends who are able to free-range and have really nice ponds on their property.  I finally decided to ask a 4H girl I knew if she would consider taking them.  She said sure!  She has a really nice mini farm with ducks, chickens, guineas, goats, and bunnies.

They have LOTS of property to free range on now, a HUGE beautiful pond, no cages, and lots of duck friends!!  There are two LGDs on the property and she said they haven't lost any fowl since bringing them on.  I was sad to let them go but happy at the same time for their exciting new life.  I am so glad they can stay together and they were just so happy when they found the pond!  Rosie is such a mud duck and she is definitely in her happy place!  Rowdy is happy if Rosie is happy.

They are dearly missed, but close enough that I can visit them often enough.  I'm just happy they are happy.  She said they haven't integrated with the others yet, but they are doing well.  I hope to post updates in the future on how they are doing.

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