Friday, August 14, 2020

New Coop Additions



So much has been happening with the chickens lately.  We have had more new additions and I'll need to do another post soon to catch up.  First, we added 3 new silkies to the mix.  Two hens and a pullet.  The black hen is Midnight, the buff hen is Buffy, and the pullet was aptly named Milly by my 7-year-old daughter.  Milly is cute and fluffy but still very aloof and I haven't gotten a good picture of her yet.  I am so surprised that our Silkie rooster, Hazel (we thought he was a hen forever), has not shown any interest in them as of yet.  He really hasn't paid any attention to them at all.  I hope that changes!


I have been having good luck with getting Midnight to trust me, Buffy not so much!  Milly is so stinkin' cute but is scared of me.  She has integrated herself into the main flock just fine and hangs out with them every day.  Midnight and Buffy have both been just hanging out inside the coop with the teenagers (who are still growing like weeds!).

I got them not just because I've always wanted a few Silkie hens but also because I am hoping they will be good sitters for future clutches of eggs.  Silkies are supposed to be notorious for sitting eggs and I hope these ladies will fit the bill.  I also hope they will get comfortable and tame enough that at least one of them would be the kind of mom who will take chicks in at any time.  That will remain to be seen, but sure would be nice.  More updates soon!

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