Thursday, August 6, 2020

New Chick on the Block

Chicken math is real!  I needed more egg layers and so the purchasing began.  I have been sharing updates on the littles the past few months.  Above is Josephine with her "babies."  They are quite the character these days since Josie is a bantam (tiny chicken).   She is a fierce momma though so don't underestimate her size!  She still has a pretty tight wing on those babies these days.

New to the farm is a silkie/sapphire gem orphan and a couple of ISA Browns that I purchased at our local farm store to keep her company.  I tried to place her with one of my mommas but none of them would have it.  They are all getting along just great and doing well.  Chicken math at its best.

Above are the "teenagers" that are growing bigger and sassier every day.  They are quite the bunch.  We are enjoying them and they are all also doing well.  I release them into the big coop during the day.  Very soon they will be completely kicked out of their brooder since I will need to place the new babies in there (they won't stay in the house for long!).  More updates to come soon.  Maybe even a new visitor/permanent resident.  May your day be blessed.

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