Monday, January 20, 2020

Spring is Around the Corner

Spring is most certainly almost here!  A few weeks ago the starlings were flocking in large numbers and now I see this.  This lonely dandelion flower in the midst of nothing.  I did not see any others anywhere else.  We have had a mild winter but the cold has reared its ugly head this past week.  We are back to winter temps and weather for a little bit, but last week this lone dandelion peeked through.

I know for us, once the Robins come out you know spring is really here, but for now, this tiny ray of sunshine was nice to see in the gloomy, shadowy days we have had lately.  I don't think I have ever seen a dandelion flower in January before.  It was unique and welcoming.

Looking forward to spring, sunshine, and new life in the chicken/duck yard.  What is your favorite season?  My favorite is the fall, but you just can't beat the sunny days after a bleak winter when spring is here.  Blessings to you.

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