Wednesday, January 8, 2020


Roosters, what's not to like?  So many people are so misinformed about these enchanting animals.  Enchanting?  Try terror, crazy, psychotic!  How many people do you know who have been around animals that have a "rooster" story to tell you.  People are afraid of roosters because of what they have either been told or personally experienced.  The problem is that while roosters have a job to do and aggressiveness is generally a good trait, they can be the sweetest things in your flock.

In my 6 years of raising chickens, I have found my boys to be some of my favorites.  I have learned that sweet and aggressive can go together and make a darn nice protector of your flock.  The catch is just who or what they are aggressive towards.  I have learned that if I have an aggressive cockerel (young rooster) or rooster and I cannot appeal to their calm side, then they get culled i.e. freezer camp).  No questions asked.  Any rooster that chooses to repeatedly challenge me or cause harm to my family is just not worth having around.  There are too many good ones out there.

Aggression along with many other traits is genetic in animals, chickens included.  If you find an aggressive streak in either your hens or roosters, you will most likely not want to use them in your breeding program.  I don't have a program currently to produce purebred offspring (for the most part_ so the chicks I brood are considered barnyard mixes.  We have had some very pretty results and so far I have had good egg-laying progeny in my pullets.  The bottom line is to be sure to only continue your lines with well-behaved roosters.  

If you haven't tried roosters before and you would like to hatch your own eggs then I would encourage you to find someone who has a direct hand in raising their young like I do and follow their suggestions on which one might make the best leader for your flock.  Happy hatching!

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