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CashCrunch Careers REVIEW

Cash Crunch Careers
Do you have a high schooler that is just not sure what they want to do after they graduate?  Are they unsure of their college plans? Have they thought of what career they would like to strive for?  I was excited to be able to try out CashCrunch Careers from CashCrunch Games recently.  My 9th-grade son is really just not sure what he wants to do.  The thought and premise behind this program are to help guide you or your students to think about some options that might work for them based on who they are and what job might best fit them.  We tend to spend about 50% of our life at a job and it sure does make sense to try to do something you really enjoy doing.  This is an online program that I received a link to register for an account.  The results and research area are available 24/7 for a lifetime membership.  You can see a brief overview of the program in the video below.

Once registered the first thing my son needed to do was take the 75 question survey which only took about 10-15 minutes to complete.  Once completed it produced a report that included the following:
  • Career Work Styles - covers what he can do, what he would like to do and how he is able to do it.
  • Motivators & De-motivators - what gives him a reason to do or not do something
  • Career Attributes - what is characteristic or inherently part of you
  • Career Match - jobs that are most suitable for your career
  • Matching Jobs - links to career categories and jobs for you to explore

Dashboard menu from his account

Summary page on the computer of his report

Screenshot of a part of his actual report page

I must say I was pretty surprised at my son's report.  We are working on doing the research and have a long way to go, but it has been very interesting.  His career attributes included innovation (displaying creativity and alternative thinking to come up with new ideas for and answers to work-related problems), adaptability/flexibility (being open to change and to considerable variety in the workplace), initiative (willingness to take on responsibilities and challenges), independence (being willing to develop his own way of doing things requiring little supervision, and not depending on others to get things done), and finally leadership orientation (being willing to lead, take charge, and offer opinions and direction).  I'm not sure I exactly see all those attributes in him, but it does match with what I know God has in store for him and as we do further research on possible careers I am excited to see what the end result will be.  Most of his matching jobs had to do with management and that really surprises me with him.  But again, I know that God gave him a strong personality for a reason, and I do know that it is needed in management along with his inherent compassion for things and people.

I did get a kick that one of his job matches was farmers and ranchers!  That is delightful to me since I am into homesteading and would love to have a partner in my endeavors.  Pretty sure he won't choose that one though, LOL. As you select the different categories under matching jobs you find further links that go into SO MUCH more detail about the job category and individual jobs.  His report gave him the top 20 job categories that best matched his profile.  His number one category was General and Operations Managers.  Just not something I would think for him right now, but certainly worth him researching.

His top job match

You can also see from the graphic above that there are tabs for colleges and video.  The college tab has a huge list of colleges for him to consider for his career suggestion with links included and brief information on each college.  The video tab has a 1-2 minute video about what it's like to work in that particular field.  I really like that for him.  Just something else to get those wheels in his head turning and thinking about what he might like to do.  This is not something you figure out overnight.  I imagine over this next year and beyond we will keep coming back to this report for more research and thoughts on what he would like to pursue.  I am glad that we decided to give this a try and I think CashCrunch Careers by CashCrunch Games has some very good merits that can really help guide you and/or your child to some interesting career prospects.  

CashCrunch 101 FREE online game

I will close with a quick mention about CashCrunch Games from their website.  You can currently play the CashCrunch 101 game online for FREE.  It is geared for high school and college students to work on their finance skills.  A fun, innovative way to get in some wisdom when it comes to finances.

Cash Crunch Games

You can connect with CashCrunch Games on FACEBOOK, TWITTER, PINTEREST, INSTAGRAM, and YOUTUBE.

Please also take the time to see what my fellow crew members have to say about this program.  Just click on the graphic below.

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