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Another Brinkman Adventures REVIEW

Underground Rising Season 6 Brinkman Adventures
I don't think it needs much introduction but in case you haven't seen my previous reviews let me introduce you to Brinkman Adventures.  This company produces wonderful, fact-based audio dramas that allow you and your kids to enjoy exciting and intriguing experiences with real-life missionaries through the stories of a fictitious family, the Brinkmans.  I had the privilege once again to review one of their newest products, Season 6: Underground Rising.  I received a digital copy of this audio drama.  It was quick and easy to download.  If you purchase the physical CDs there are 2 in this set.

Season 6 opens during World War II in a time when the Nazis were persecuting the Jews.  It contains six approximately twenty-six-minute episodes (a little over 2 1/2 hours total). The stories are based on biblical themes that your children can learn from while enjoying them. They are fun and exciting to listen to. The audio and dramatic effects are wonderful.  You definitely feel immersed in the story.  Each episode can be listened to independently (except for those with two parts) and in any order you choose.

The episodes and their related themes include:
  • Dutch Underground Part 1 - Help those being led away to slaughter, even when doing so is costly.
  • Dutch Underground Part 2
  • Twice Born Fly - We don't need to fear death with Jesus as our Savior.
  • I Wonder Why - We obey God even when the plan doesn't make sense.
  • Free Burma Rangers Part 1 - God uniquely prepares us for our mission.  God isn't a killjoy.
  • Free Burma Rangers Part 2

The Dutch Underground story begins with Kate and Kitri Brinkman visiting their great grandmother Lynn VanKesteren (Omie) in Canada. Lynn was born in Holland and immigrated to Canada.  This story is based on a book written by Lynn (Great is Thy Faithfulness).  They begin by enjoying coffee and cookies with Omie.  Omie tells the girls a story of her past during the war before she met her husband.  We really liked this story because it reminded my son of the Harriet Tubman story and we have also covered Corie Ten Boom and the Hiding Place so this brought back to remembrance of that story for him.  It was neat to learn in the REAL STORIES section of the website that Reng most likely stayed in the same place as Corie Ten Boom at one point!

In Twice Born Fly Charlie accidentally swallows (inhales) a fly and has cause for fear. He goes to his dad for assurance that he will be okay.  They discuss a trip Charlie is getting ready to take to visit his Oma.  He now has fear about the trip and whether everything will be okay.  But his dad tries to assure him that with Jesus he will be okay no matter what happens.  I really like the theme behind this story and that "Jesus saves us, not our own goodness or efforts."  The science aspect of the fly larva pupating had my son's interest at the get go.

I Wonder Why is a story about the Wonder family and their decision to sell most of their possessions and go to be missionaries in India at an orphanage there.  The characters in the story are Samantha (Sam) and her family.  Her mom recently lost a baby and her dad explains that "all things work together for good to them who love the Lord."   It has a glorious ending of salvation and healing!  We really resonated with this story because we fostered kids for about 6 years and it was pretty difficult on our son.  He experienced a lot of rough kids too that were not very kind, but needed love more than anyone.

Finally, in Free Burma Rangers we learn about the real-life missionary Dave Eubanks and his life as a Green Beret in the Special Forces. The story opens in Burma (Myanmar) (his parents are missionaries) with Dave telling his mom he is going to be a soldier and then a missionary.  There are some intense scenes so you might need to preview this one as it may not be appropriate for those 10 and under.  I really liked this story and it has so much depth to it, including his courtship of his wife Karen.  It really shows how persistence can pay off and that when you seek God and ask him for direction, he will surely direct your paths!!

Brinkman Adventures
  I highly recommend you consider purchasing Season 6: Underground Rising from Brinkman Adventures.  You can go to their website and check out the information about the real stories and hear podcasts of the actual people and watch videos about the stories on the REAL STORIES tab.  I have also been given a coupon code, FALL10, for you to use for 10% off of your purchase from October 10 - October 31!

You can connect with Brinkman Adventures on FACEBOOK.  Also be sure to check out what other reviewers are saying by clicking on the link below.

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