Wednesday, August 29, 2018


I was in the coop the other day collecting eggs and checking on the babies and saw this!!! Ughh!  It is most of a snake skin that has been shed.  The rest of it was intertwined into the chicken wire that divides this section for my babies.  I don't currently have any babies in that part right now.  So grateful for that!

Snakes in the chicken house are NO GOOD!  Especially with the babies I have in there right now.  I have littles, tweens, and teens.  I have been doing careful headcounts on all of the littles at least once or twice a day. 

Never did find any snake but several months back hubby found one in the coop and just the other day they found one down by the septic drain area.  I know we have the black rat snakes around but it's important that they don't enter my chicken yard or coop!  Can't believe it got past all the chickens!  And shame on my roosters, they should have been able to scare it off.  Who knows.

Have you had any interesting visitors to your coop lately?

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