Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Pip and Pepper - Baby Chick Update

Remember Pip?  The cute fuzzy rejected chick that was adopted by another broody hen I had?  She's growing up!  At least I am still hoping she is a she!  Her and her 3 siblings are doing great.  I already know that one is a cockerel (rooster) and another is definitely a pullet (hen).  The cockerel is a Barred Rock cross (he looks purebred) and the pullet is an Australorp cross.  I am still hoping that Pip's other sibling, Pepper, is a pullet also. She's certainly sassy as all get out.

Pip and Pepper when they were MUCH younger, LOL

The other 14 babies we have are also doing great and I will need to get updates on them also.  Can't believe we have 18 babies!!!  We had 19 but one of the pullets perished within 2 days after we brought her home.  She was one of the production breeds from the store when I purchased those last 6 for my other broody hen who ended up rejecting them anyway!  Bertha, the second broody mom who was already raising 7 took on the extra 6 (now 5).  Five of the twelve are still fairly small and should still have their mom with them but since the others were older she decided to give them all the boot.  She is no longer mothering them and they are on their own.  They are all doing well and pretty much stick together and watch out for one another.  My main coop crew are all used to having babies run around so it hasn't been too much of a problem.

I find it so adorable that Pip and Pepper have remained good friends.  Pepper really does look out for little Pip.  It is quite cute.

Pepper now :)

Pip is a cross from my all white Olive Egger hen (Snow White) and our black silkie, Sir Galahad.  She is special because we had to rehome Sir Galahad and I got news that he has disappeared from his new home.  It would be nice to be able to keep Pip around.  Pepper is a cross from one of my Easter Eggers and my Barred Rock cross roosters (either Kristoff or Percival).  I just LOVE those fuzzy cheeks!

Time will tell on all the littles.  At this point I am pretty positive I have at least 3 roosters and I'm sure more will turn up.  I still have really high hopes for both of my Lavender Orpingtons to be pullets.  I'll leave you with another cute picture of Pip.

I just LOVE those fuzzy little boots!!  LOL

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