Sunday, January 14, 2018

Rooster Love

This boy here is one handsome fella.  He's one of Cedric's (my head rooster) offspring.  He was hatched about 2 years ago.  I need to seriously get my records in order because I am starting to forget how old everyone is and when we either purchased them or hatched them out. He's my Sweet Pea and he really is a sweetie.  I had rehomed him back before he was a year old because he is the one that upset the apple cart and tried to take his father and brothers out.  He is one mean roo when it comes to leading the flock, but sweet as can be around people.  I ended up missing him so much and he wasn't working out so well in his new home, so I took him back and put him in our mini coop until we were able to get him his own area and flock to lead.  He is pretty happy these days.  He has 5 of his own ladies right now (1 Buff Brahma, 1 California White, 1 Leghorn, and 2 black sex links).

I have learned over time that a good rooster is worth his weight in gold and Cedric sure does produce a lot of good boys.  We currently have 3 of his sons that I plan on keeping (Sweet Pea, Percival, and Kristoff).  Cedric, Percival (Percy), and Kristoff run the main run along with the two silkie roosters (Hazel and Sir Galahad) and the two Olive Eggers.  So far Cedric seems able to keep them all in line and Kristoff appears to be 2nd in line followed by Percy.  The Olive Eggers are at the end of the pack.  The silkies even keep them at bay, which is quite comical.

Olaf was another one of Cedric's boys and he was rehomed and is doing great in his new home.  I am so happy for him.  He gets to free range and I'm told has his own little lady he hangs with.  He always was such a free spirit.

Our youngest babies are growing so fast!  I need to get updated pics on them.  The weather has been so cold and miserable lately that I am not doing too much in the way of picture taking these days!

The "boys" are having a harder time getting along as they continue to mature.  Sure hope warm weather is not too far away so hubby can finish out the extra pen to put the two white olive egger roosters and their brood into.  I will be moving 6-7 hens over to start.  I know it is a 1 to 7 minimum ratio of roosters to hens but the two big boys have generally gotten along so well I am hoping they can manage it and not over harass the ladies.  If they do then one of them will have to go.

Lately, it's been all things chicken on here but that is what is the focus these days.  The garden never got winterized again so there will be lots of work come warmer weather.  Still dreaming of goats, rabbits, maybe ducks, and bees!  Someday.  Really just working on trying to stay warm these days.  Pretty cold here and probably more worried about the chickens than I should be.  They are doing pretty well for the most part.  Many of them are not enjoying the cold but so far they are doing ok.  A few minor frostbite issues on some of the roosters but nothing serious.  Hopefully, warmer weather is soon coming.

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