Monday, January 8, 2018

Longer Days Are Here

We had been so spoiled with a mild winter and then it hit.  January is here and so is the wicked cold.  We have had some very cold weather.  I have been out in the coop several mornings where the high temp in the morning was zero degrees!  So far everyone is doing ok.  I have a few of my roosters who did get a touch of frostbite on their waddles.  I hate that it happened, but it does sometimes.

We have battled sickness here in the household throughout December and it really put me behind on my posts.  My dad also came for a wonderful surprise visit for almost 2 weeks and we really enjoyed it!

On the upside, I was glad to see the days getting longer again.  That is one of the fascinating things I have noticed since keeping chickens.  I tend to really notice the changes in the weather and days. I could tell immediately when the days just suddenly got longer.  The chickens, of course, notice it too because egg production, which had slowed to almost nil, has begun to increase.  I was so excited to actually get a dozen eggs the other day!  Of course the very next day I only got 4, but I know it will slowly increase.

I'm also excited that some of my new layers are now laying.  The two buffs and 5 easter eggers have started laying.  The buffs have been laying for about a month now and just this past week a couple of the easter eggers added their green eggs to our egg basket.  I so missed the green eggs.  I would LOVE to get a blue egg layer too.  Maybe someday.  I think I might like to get a Legbar or two (they lay blue eggs).  Auracaunas do too, but pretty unlikely I would get one of those without special ordering.

What's in your egg basket these days?  Any new and exciting layers in your flock?  Drop me a note in the comments about any fun happenings on your homestead.  Our Schoolhouse Review Crew is starting up again so be watching for some new fun reviews coming up!

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