Monday, October 23, 2017

Momma and Babies Field Trip

Momma (Sassy) took her babies on their first field trip.  She would have done it sooner but I wouldn't let her out because of the excessive amount of roosters right now.  Things are a little unstable in the coop right now because of it.  Hopefully things will settle down soon, but for now, I need to be cautious.  They had so much fun running and jumping about.  They REALLY enjoyed the roosting bars.  So much fun to fly up and jump down.  LOL.  Just like a typical bunch of kids.

I was extra proud of one of my new roosters, Olaf, whom I was worried about with the babies but he was a true gentleman and was very good and protective over them.  Afterwards, I realized that their momma was his momma!  She hatched him out earlier this year!  Small world, these babies are his half-siblings.  I've had two moms raise 3 batches of chicks this year.  It's been a busy season, to say the least!

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