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Captain Bayley's Heir REVIEW

Captain Bayley's Heir
Heirloom Audio Productions has done it again with their most recent audio drama Captain Bailey's Heir.  We were so happy to be able to review another one of their wonderful G.A. Henty adventures.  The kids really liked our last review of In the Reign of Terror and this one did not disappoint either.

The story, as usual, covers adventures from history.  This time it's about America's gold rush in California.  The drama opens with Mr. George writing to Ned and Gerald about his adventure in America. He tells them of a recent train trip where he meets two boys, Vincent and Dan whom he tells the story of General Robert E. Lee.

He's headed to the gold fields of California to research for his next book, Captain Bayley's Heir.  Before the story really begins he already experiences narrowly escaping a herd of stampeding buffalo!  He strikes up a conversation with his driver, Frank and that's where the story begins.  It opens in England and introduces a young man, Frank, and a young girl he fancies, Alice.  Alice is a Christian and Frank is not. They both live on the estate of Captain Harold Bayley.

We soon meet more characters.  Harry is a crippled boy who plays wonderful music and he has a dog named Flossy.  His mother, Mrs. Hall is a sweet, jovial lady.  The story takes off with Frank rescuing Harry's dog, Flossy, from drowning in the frozen lake.  We also soon meet Mr. Hall.  We also find out that Captain Bayley had an estranged daughter by the name of Ella who had gotten married to a gentleman by the name of Patrick.  Part of the story of his daughter is revealed at this point but is revisited again later toward the end of the story.

Frank attends a local private school whose headmaster is a Dr. Litter.  Frank is later accused of stealing and was scheduled to be expelled from school when he escapes and runs away to America to try to prove his innocence.  We have already learned in the story what an upright character he is so there is much turmoil as to if he is innocent or not.

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Once in America, he experiences more adventures and ends up migrating to California and becomes part of the gold rush experience there.  While he is in America there are still adventures back in England with Alice and Captain Bayley and Harry.  Captain Bayley finds out that Harry is actually his grandson and  Alice never gives up on Franks innocence.

Once the gold rush experience comes to an end for Frank, he asks his friend who is headed back to England to inquire of Alice.  Frank gives him specific instructions based on whether he thinks Alice believes Frank is innocent or not.  Frank doesn't hear back and assumes the worst.  Meanwhile, Frank ends up getting involved in a shootout.

You must get this audio drama to find out what happens to Frank.  Does he survive the attack?  Does he ever get reconciled to Alice?  What becomes of Harry and Captain Bayley?  How do Mr. and Mrs. Hall take finding out that their "son" is Captain Bayley's grandson?  You'll be on the edge of your seat as you listen to Mr. George experience stampeding buffalo and an Indian attack.  There is never a dull moment in these dramas and the storylines always keep you engaged.

A HUGE plus to the resources at Heirloom Audio Productions is their study guides that they have available for each of their audio productions.  You must become a member of the Live the Adventure Club to access the additional resources but it is so worth it! We used the study guide for Captain Bayley's Heir and it really helped the kids to get so much more out of the story.  Not only does it include questions about each track but also causes them to think more in the Thinking Further question section.  The study guides also include extra information about the story and have Defining Words for each track also.  This can be used in many ways to expand their vocabulary.  I REALLY like the study guides and will now use them whenever we listen to these audio dramas in the future.  It causes you to get SO MUCH more out of the story and history covered. Please read more about this important resource in my previous review of In the Reign of Terror.

You can connect with Heirloom Audio Productions on FACEBOOK, TWITTER, INSTAGRAM, and GOOGLE+.

Please take the time to check out the reviews from my fellow Crew Review members.  You will not regret your purchase should you choose to get Captain Bayley's Heir or any of their other wonderful audio dramas.

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