Wednesday, February 22, 2017

In Memory of My Mom

I though of you today Mom.  I've actually been thinking about you all week.  I remembered all the fun times.  Tea time, zoo trips, and hosting guests in our home.  Hosting guests was always so fun for us kids.  There would often be a fire in the fireplace if it was cold enough.  It was generally the only time we were allowed to consume soda and other fun treats.  Tea time after school with egg salad sandwiches was always enjoyable.  Miss the tea time.  Miss you.

So grateful I took the time to tell you how much I loved you.  Sad I didn't get to talk to you one last time.  We didn't know did we?  None of us.  You were here, and then you were gone.  We were blessed to call you mom.  Blessed you were able to stay home and raise us. I know you are gone in body but I believe your spirit lives on.  You are ever present in our hearts and memories. 

Thank you mom, for who you were and everything you did and sacrificed for us.  Hug your loved ones today.  Cherish every moment with them.  Don't let the distractions of life keep you from creating memories with those you love.

My mom passed away unexpectedly last fall.  She will be forever remembered in our hearts. ❤

You are not promised tomorrow.  I pray you have a relationship with the one who died for you.  Who took all your sins on the cross.  Who is your comforter and your advocate.  Jesus.  If not, I pray you take the time today to seek Him.  Pick up a bible.  Read it.  Let it speak to you and answer your questions.  God's word says that if you seek Him you WILL find Him.  It is appointed for every man to die.  I pray you give your life to Jesus to be Lord of your life.  He promises you eternal life with Him if you just ask, believe, confess your sins and repent (turn away from them).  Find a good Bible believing church and just give it all to Him.  You will not be disappointed or dismayed.  May you be blessed beyond measure in the coming year.

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