Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Boy(s) are Back

2011 Samuel's scorpion lego creationFinally, an update to our foster story.  Things have been pretty crazy around here for many different reasons (sickness, schedules, weather, etc.).  I have missed blogging and am making a goal to blog at least 3 times per week if not more, if my schedule allows it.  Lately, the weather has kept me from blogging until I found out about Live Writer and now I can write without being online and post later, yeah! Smile

I’m not going to go into any details because I don’t quite have this confidentiality thing down.  For the related posts to this story see HERE and HERE.  Basically, we have one of the boys back and we should be getting the other brother sometime this week.  It was a long drawn out process and lots of prayer and faith.  We are believing that God will get us through this and that He will do a work in the boys’ lives.

Our hope is to be able to care for these boys while they wait for reunification with their family.  It has only been about 4 days now and we have already had several trials.  We knew it would be difficult because of the behavior problems.  Like I said, we are walking in faith and believing that God will do a work.  I’m sure we’ll have more trials to overcome when we add in the other brother, but God can do anything and He will get us through this.

It was God who broke my heart over the situation with these boys and I know we can trust Him to carry us through it.  I appreciate those of you who have communicated with me that you are keeping us in your prayers.  It means a lot to us.

What challenges have you faced lately, and have you remembered to trust God to get you through them?


  1. Wow! God bless you as you endeavor to raise them--even for a short time.

  2. Oh, so many things I have to trust God for! My son will be in a public school next year and my husband is not a believer. I'm worried about dropping the baton, so to speak. I like that he gets all of the Christian stuff in school b/c my husband gets a little freaked out about it here in the house. I need to come up with a devotional schedule and stick with it so that my son is still getting it every day. I read a really good book about trusting God with your kids. And it made a lot of sense. So, now I DO just have to trust Him. Hope that everything works out for you guys. Prayers for you!! Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm following back now. And you had me hooked at the site of LEGOs. It's just about the only thing my son is into right now!

  3. Our prayers are with you for extra strength. Glad you are able to help these dear ones in such a way!!

    Have a wonderful week.

  4. Thanks for linking up to the NOBH. I just read your posts about your foster children. I admire you and your husband for choosing to take these boys back into your home. I will be praying that the agencies will provide you with better support so that you may help these young boys. Bless you!

  5. Wow guys, thanks for the kind words, support and prayers! I sure enjoy getting to connect with everyone on these blog hops. NOBH rocks!

    Michelle, praying and believing with you! And yes, Legos seem to have a special place in the heart of little boys. I am so amazed at what my 7 year old can create with just his mind. He looks at pictures of stuff he likes and then just creates them with Legos. He is very creative and really makes awesome likenesses of the objects. I will have to share more photos some time of his creations (I need to remember to take pics of them!).

  6. oh, will pray for you all! remember: God does not call you to do something that He won't give you the grace and wisdom to handle! keep puttin' your faith in Him...He never fails!!

    God bless~

  7. Yes Mountain Mama. Thanks for the reminder! God is truly so faithful.


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