Monday, May 2, 2011

2011 Flood in Southern Illinois

2011 Flood by Rt 13 near Murphysboro 2011 Flood by Rt 13 and 127 N 2011 Flood Goofy Gold in Mboro
2011 Flood Rt 13 Family Auto lot 2011 Flood Rt 13 E towards Cdale 2011 Flood just S of Reed Station MHP
Lots of bad weather lately down in our neck of the woods.  My internet has been off more than on.  It is actually off right now and I am able to write this and hopefully post later.  All of the above photos are in areas that should NOT have any water!  The lower right one is some flooded farmland and the others are from the highway where the water has threatened to close (and some are actually already closed) our roads.  

The road we live on has an East and West and the West end has been closed for almost a week now.  We are currently getting more rain and there are areas south of us that have had to evacuate their towns.  It is very sad.

There is a lot of sandbagging going on in our area.  Many volunteers have stepped up to help out their neighbors.  Below is a picture of the Army Corps of Engineers who have been transporting sand bags in needed areas.
Sand Bag Helicopter
There was also an onslaught of of tornados in the southern states of Alabama and five other surrounding states.  The reports I heard were about 160 tornados in about 1 week and over 300 deaths.  Our prayers go out to all the individuals and families devastated by these storms.


  1. Whoa, my extended family lives in the Harrisburg/Equality/Ridgway/Thompsonville/Marion/Metropolis area, so I've been paying close attention to the weather reports from S.Illinois.

    Go Salukis!!! My parents went to SIU-Carbondale.

  2. Small world isn't it Mary? Thanks for stopping by!

  3. You're pictures are amazing and scary with all that water! I'm sorry for all the flooding you've had and the victims of the storms and tornados. Praying with you and thanks for linking up to NOBH!


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