Saturday, July 18, 2020

July 2020 Chick Update

They look like mini chickens!  They are getting past that awkward teenage stage and growing up.  They are 4 weeks old and growing every day.  The two leghorns are really feathering out beautifully.  I still can't tell if the 4 she hatched are pullets or not.  At least 3 of them seem to be, if not all 4, but I just can't tell yet.  Would be awesome if they are all pullets!!  They are growing so fast and starting to outgrow their area a little.  I've tried to let Abigail out, but she keeps fighting with one of the lavender orpingtons.  I think I will need to move the two lavenders to the other red coop.  Easier said than done because I have the other mom with her one baby in the red coop separated and I don't want the lavenders to supersede her once she gets released with her chick.  It's a timing mess right now, but I'm sure it will work out.

The Abigail crew

I can't believe how fast they grow.  When I look at Abigail's group and then the other two moms with their babies and realize there is only about 5 days difference between the babies it is hard to believe.  The other babies that are only about 5 days younger are still quite fuzzy and not near as much feathering, but every day matters. Plus, I am thinking that the little one that is by itself in the red coop with mom is possibly a silkie mix chick (especially based on the lack of feathering).  Again, time will tell.  I am also sad that I think it might be a cockerel.

Josephine and her two cuties

I still can't imagine what it will be like when Josie's babies get bigger than her.  It will be interesting for sure.  She is just so small and petite.  The bigger they get the less of them she is able to cover when they try to hide under her or sleep at night.

There certainly has been plenty of drama this go round.  The mom in the red coop with just one baby is getting so stir crazy in their small hutch I have them in.  I let them out one day and I was certain the baby would be killed.  She wasn't doing a great job at protecting him, so I put the back into the hutch.  Then she really started going crazy and I was certain I could place the baby with Josephine or perhaps Abigail.  I let mom out and she didn't fuss too much when I took the baby away.  The baby however was screaming like crazy.  Long story short, neither Josephine or Abigail would take him in.  I ended up putting him back with his mom today.  I was glad she took him back and sorry she is cooped up.  I told her to give it at least 1 more week for her baby to get a little bigger.  I think he could make it ok if he were just a tad bigger.

How is your brood going?  Are you or have you hatched any out?  Do you separate your moms and babies from the rest of the flock? (I have found it better to separate than lose poor babies to crazy hens).

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