Tuesday, June 9, 2020

June Garden Updates

It is amazing how fast things change in the garden.  It seems that one day you have little sprouts and seedlings and before you know it the garden is just bursting with life.  We had a lot of rain recently and it really got things going in the garden.  This year my clematis vines have decided to just burst out with profuse growth and blossoms.  I am just loving them.  It was what I had dreamed of for the garden gate.  It is so exciting to see it come to pass.

Black raspberries

It's also berry picking time here.  The strawberries are pretty much done at this point, but the mulberries are well on their way as are the black raspberries.  We had a problem with the red raspberries a year ago and now I can't seem to get them to recover.  We might have to start over in that department.  The thornless blackberries are starting to take off a little.  I only have 1 of 3 plants left so hopefully the one that is doing so well now will continue to be in good health and grow and produce lots of new shoots for fruiting next year.


Normally my canning season doesn't start till August or much later, closer to October.  But, I am finding lately that as I learn more I am canning more and with the awesome new canning shelf hubby built ( I will share on another post) I have a need to get it filled.  My two most recent endeavors were canning pineapple and strawberry rhubarb pie filling.  I have never tried pie filling before but wanted to.  I was sure I was going to can apple pie filling last year but it just never worked out.

Canned pineapple and some extra pineapple juice!!

I am so excited to try the pie filling.  I have meant to make a pie for several days now but our schedule has just been so crazy.  I definitely have it on the agenda to make right away!  I LOVE strawberry rhubarb pie and the thought of having jars of homemade pie filling on my shelf makes me smile!  It is extra special because both the strawberries and the rhubarb came from the garden.  No sprays, no chemicals, just fresh food.

Strawberry rhubarb pie filling

What's on your canning shelf?  Have you tried any new recipes that you love?  Sometime soon I want to try canning beans like pinto and kidney.  Probably even black beans.  My goal is to eventually have food on our shelf instead of running for fast food or opening a metal can from the store.

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