Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Best Mother's Day Present!

Meet Claudette and Josephine.  Our oldest daughter and her fiancé gifted me with these adorable sweeties for Mother's Day.  They are Sablepoots or "Booted Bantams."  They are so cute and tiny.  We are slowly acclimating them to our coop.  I have always wanted a chicken like these, small and mille fleur colored. Mille Fleur translates to thousand flowers (the white in their feathers looks like LOTS of flowers).  I thought all chickens like this were Mille Fleur d'Uccles, but I learned about the Sablepoot after I was told they were Booted Bantams.  They are supposed to be good mommas so hopefully, they will sit eggs for me!

Speaking of eggs, here is our first banty egg!  I was so excited.  Glad they are settling in and feeling safe enough to lay an egg. I'm sure you will see more about them in future posts.  A nice bright spot in the middle of all this Covid19 mess.  Hope you are all staying safe and well.

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