Monday, March 23, 2020

Homeschool Resources During Covid-19

This is not a sponsored post and there are no affiliate links.  I am just sharing some fun resources I either use, have used, or have come across recently.

We are living in a new time.  Never in my lifetime have we experienced what we are experiencing now with Covid-19.  I don't know how it is where you are but currently, we are under a "Shelter in Place" order.  We are not completely confined to our homes but asked to only leave or be out in public if you absolutely must.  We are still allowed to do grocery shopping and some still have to go to work.  Many places are temporarily closed.

Part of the silver lining in this crazy time is that a lot of online resources are either deeply discounting their products or allow free access temporarily.  Our local schools are shut down and even the public school students are currently being "homeschooled."  Below I will list links to a few I have found out about recently.  If you know of any others please share them in the comments for others to also check out.  You can also click on my Homeschooling Resources tab for some additional sites.  Happy schooling!

  • is currently offering a free 30-day trial to its full online curriculum for ages 2-8.
  • isn't currently offering any specials but they do offer some of their online curricula for free.
  • Adventure Academy (from the creators of ABCmouse) is offering your first 30 days free for its online learning program for ages 8-13.
  • rightnow MEDIA is currently offering free limited access to its online media streaming library.

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