Saturday, February 29, 2020

It Got Us!

My family has not been this sick in, well, ever??  Little Bug has not been sick to where she needed any medication for 2 years!!  Hubby came home feeling a little sick last week and the flu took over.  Hubby ran high fevers, Big Boy ran high fevers, Little Bug ran a few fevers, I never did run a fever but oh did I feel like death had hit me.  It has been horrible and Big Boy is still battling nausea.  He is the only one who had the stomach flu.  He was diagnosed with influenza A today and was given meds for his nausea.  Hopefully, he will be on the mend quickly.  The level of body aches was certainly off the charts for all of us.  I think each of us at different times spent at least 3 days in bed.  We are on the upswing but gonna steer clear to hopefully not infect anyone else.

I have worked hard over the past few years to try to build a good healthy gut in myself and my kids.  I share info with hubby, but he doesn't always follow my suggestions :)  I really believe that a strong, healthy gut helped.  Big Boy is not great on his nutrition and following my suggestions either.  Little Bug and I sailed through much easier than the other two. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't pleasant and we certainly had our moments of deep ache and pain, but it moved on quickly.

Besides just good nutrition I also like to diffuse essential oils and take certain supplements at needed times.  I had failed to run our germicide air cleaner and had not really diffused our "Health Shield" essential oil this winter and we got nailed.  For those of us that took it, I think the elderberry helped a lot.  There is proven scientific data that now shows that it can actually help with viruses.  Check out the data, you might be pleasantly surprised it isn't just snake oil.  Another supplement that helps me a LOT when I fell under the weather is taking the echinacea goldenseal blend.  Do your own research and of course always consult your physician as needed before taking any type of supplement.  These are just things that work for my family.

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