Monday, September 9, 2019

Lazy Sunny Days

Chicken Little "Spaz" and Hazel enjoying some sun

We are entering our fall season and we got to experience a few days of really nice weather last week and over the weekend.  It was horribly hot again today, and it will continue throughout the week, but we had those few days.  The chickens were really enjoying themselves and it was dust baths all around for everyone.  You don't want to be standing near one when they get up and "shake off!!"  I have been showered with a cloud of dust many times and do not enjoy it.

Silly Hazel enjoying some nice sunshine

I love to watch when the chickens lay out to sun themselves.  It is kind of a scary scene as it often looks like they are laying there, dead.  I showed my son the pic of his favored silkie, Hazel, and his first comment was to ask, "He's not dead, is he?"  I of course let him know he was just fine which I think he already knew that since he knows I would never just show him a pic of his dead silkie.  Hazel is one of his favorites and a special one.  Yes, I did say "he."  Hazel is a boy because until Hazel crowed we were sure he was a she.  He didn't crow for a VERY, VERY long time.  His brother crowed months before we ever heard a peep out of Hazel.  We kinda figured she was a he when we weren't getting any eggs. 

The weather will be cool before we know it and I for one am ready for it.  I am done with the hot, hot heat and humidity.  I just hope we have an enjoyable fall and don't run from summer to winter with no inbetween.  We are still winding the garden down and I am anxious to get it done also.  The okra is still coming in but I am about done with it.  More updates coming soon.  I must also remember to do an update on our broody momma, Sassy, who is due to hatch soon.  May your days be blessed.

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