Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Farm Updates

I think these are Asiatic Lilies.  Regardless, I love lilies of all kinds. These were such a pretty shade of pink.  The garden is doing fairly well.  I still need to fertilize the blueberries and I think my tomatoes are trying to get blight. We have enjoyed strawberries, asparagus, broccoli and lettuce from the garden.  I also harvested the cabbage and still need to process it.  I want to do sauerkraut. 

The baby chicks are now close to 3 weeks old and growing.  Silly things were roosting in a little tree I have in the run.  They were having a blast.

I haven't had shasta daisies in my flower beds for awhile and I am glad to have some growing well and close!  It is just on the outside of my garden. I just love their blooms.

Finally, I want to mention the ducks.  They are growing so fast!  They just turned 8 weeks old and they look like a full-grown duck. We are pretty sure we have a girl and a boy.  Rosie, the Pekin sounds like a girl and we are pretty sure the Rouen is a boy whom we renamed Rowdy (from Allie). They are so comical and so messy!  We are enjoying them.

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