Thursday, November 29, 2018

Winter Garden

Winter garden

It has been a trying year.  This fall/winter has been a trying time.  Financially things have not been the best.  This year alone our a/c went out, our septic went out, our deep freeze died and just recently our fridge died.  I also found out at the beginning of the year that I would be in for thousands of dollars of necessary dental work (mostly repairing/replacing crowns).  But God.  Through all the trials, my Lord has been with us.  Provision has come, one way or another.  It has still been rough, but we have not gone hungry or wanting for anything.  Bills have gotten behind and restored. We persevere.

Our winter garden above looks desolate, lost, barren.  But in the spring it will be an empty canvas for a productive future.  We failed again to prepare it before the winter weather hit, but if all fails we will get it done in the spring, like we did this year, before planting.  Each year it gets a little better and things come together more.  We upgraded with composite boards this year and should be able to have all the beds finished by next spring/summer with composite.  We were able to get them on deep discounts.  We also combined a lot of beds which made for more planting space and less wasted aisle space that just gets filled with grass and weeds.

The weeds and bugs around here will always be a hideous challenge every year, but with perseverance, we will prevail.  I went with Sevin dust this year and had good results. I think I might try neem oil again next year and see if we can still have good results.  It is a much better organic alternative but it didn't work so well several years ago.  The squash bugs are just so bad here and they seem to take out everything.
To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven: ecc 3:1
Seasons.  There are seasons in nature and seasons in our life.  Each day begins anew and His mercies are renewed every morning.  I thank God for His provision in our lives and I thank Him for being with us always.  Our homesteading journey, however slow it may be in this season, is so worth it and rewarding.  Each year there are at least small improvements. It will come, I believe, with time and patience.  Don't lose hope and don't lose your dream.

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