Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Spring is Around the Corner!

The days are getting longer and the sunsets are spectacular.  Spring is almost here!  I will be so glad to officially say goodbye to winter this year.  It has just been a wet dreary one and I need the sunshine!  I know I'll be complaining about how hot it is before long, but for now, I will anticipate with joy the upcoming spring weather.

The chickens feel it too!  We collected a record 25 eggs today from 36 potential layers.  I think just about everyone is laying at this point.  There may be a few of the younger ones that aren't laying yet, but if not they will very soon.  It was so exciting to see so many eggs all of a sudden.  We have been averaging about 12 - 14 eggs per day for a few weeks now.  If you have chickens how is your egg collecting going?

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